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Our Directory

Chassé Toyota
  • 4.4544 ratings
Christian R., AutoDir
They provided friendly service; I brought my FJ Cruiser for the annual inspection. Clement was very professional and friendly; the car was ready at the promised time and when I picked up the car, he explained all details of the invoice very well. I would recommend Chasse Toyota.
Christian R.
Volkswagen Popular
  • 4.1321 ratings
Eric D., AutoDir
I got my last two cars from this dealer and had great experience overall. Service is pricey (like every other dealerships). I do maintain my cars myself and I just bring my car for the mandatory maintenances. Never was charged extra for any unnecessary work or repairs.
Eric D.
Toyota Gabriel Centre-Ville
  • 4.2307 ratings
Anca N., AutoDir
We visited the site last week, in search of my first dream car. I had a very good first experience, especially because of Maria David. She was very pleasant and helpful and she answered all our questions with professionalism and patience. It was a very pleasant experience, stress-free, and good customer service. I will definitely return in the future.
Anca N.
Champlain Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
  • 4280 ratings
justin m., AutoDir
The rep at the service counter and the mechanic that work on my jeep patriot 2010 understood that I live more than 1000 km north of the closest dealer. They did a complete inspection and changed all that was needed. They offered me options to save when it came to the front suspension. Was vary satisfied .
justin m.
Centre-Ville Volkswagen
  • 3.9267 ratings
Joseph L., AutoDir
Amazing service and excellent staff thank amazing service from downtown vw centre ville Special from director director I really appreciate. My first experience From centre ville service I will going back back again cente ville vw Thank you Joseph Li Very much from service centre ville
Joseph L.
Audi Popular
  • 3.9148 ratings
Alliance P., AutoDir
i love the car service, the team is always ready to help you. i want to said that Danny palermo is remarkable. he is a person that shows that lives his job. he will do the best to find a solution!!! thanks Danny !!!
Alliance P.
  • 3.956 ratings
Brendan V., AutoDir
Good selection of accessories, great customer service.
Brendan V.
Gravel Honda Centre ville
  • 3.851 ratings
Caroline B., AutoDir
service impecable
Caroline B.
Vespa Montréal
  • 4.443 ratings
Audrey L., AutoDir
Huge selection of Vespas and accessories. My only complaint is that not many of their staff speak good English. Their prices are also on the high side. Overall I had a good experience.
Audrey L.
VW Centre Service
  • 4.141 ratings
Jorge D., AutoDir
I'm pretty happy with the service! Cymon was really helpful and I'm happy with the job. Basically "warranty coverage", but that's what we paid for: any problem with the car, the first 4 years is on the manufacturer, good service and communication and well cared off.
Jorge D.
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