Giant Tiger

  • Kirkland Lake, ON
Home - Giant Tiger

  • 4.5
  • 215 notes
Charlotte L.,AutoDir
Charlotte L.
Kind of an essential service at this time in this town. The regular products and most of the staff are ho-hum (3⭐). The deals are great, though (4⭐), and the staff who are really into their work (produce!) are fantastic (5⭐).
Leo A.,AutoDir
Leo A.
Lots of goodies at a very affordable price.
Leona D.,AutoDir
Leona D.
It's huge and very clean. It's well stocked. The food is good and the clothes are very nice.

Canadian Tire

  • Kirkland Lake, ON

  • 3.8
  • 164 notes
Lucien C.,AutoDir
Lucien C.
My favorite go to store, has most things needed, followed good service. Hard to beat.

Pronto Store

  • Kirkland Lake, ON

Phone: +1 705-567-7070
  • 4.5
  • 79 notes
Canadian p.,AutoDir
Canadian p.
Best store in KL .
Debra T.,AutoDir
Debra T.
Service is great and find everything you are looking for
Joshiwa B.,AutoDir
Joshiwa B.
This store has always had everything we needed. Since the change in ownership, several additional amenities have been added. Some small such as charge cables other changes are much larger such as availability of M&M products and now fried chicken!

Benson Autoparts

  • Kirkland Lake, ON
Benson Auto Parts, We have auto parts, tools, manuals, accessories and More..

  • 5
  • 31 notes
Fred D.,AutoDir
Fred D.
They guys are absolutely amazing! Have helped myself and my wife or anyone I send to see them. They are like a small family owned business but with alot More access to just about anything automotive! Highly recommend anyone with not only parts but questions about anything automot...
joe c.,AutoDir
joe c.
Great people great service
Loreto F.,AutoDir
Loreto F.
Great and friendly staff and service

Carquest Auto Parts - Goldbelt Tire & Supply Co. Ltd.

  • Kirkland Lake, ON
Carquest Auto Parts 155 Nippising Lane in Kirkland Lake, ON has the expertise, parts and tools needed to get you back on the road.

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  • 4.9
  • 29 notes
Bob a.,AutoDir
Bob a.
Always have what you want and the expertise to explain what you need to know.
Corey F.,AutoDir
Corey F.
Nice and friendly staff!
Fuckutoo22w H.,AutoDir
Fuckutoo22w H.
Wicked no wait times cash fahq Covid

Kal Tire

  • Kirkland Lake, ON
Visit the Kal Tire tire shop on Water Street in Kirkland Lake, ON, Canada for all your tire, wheel/rim or mechanical needs, including oil changes and alignments.

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  • 4.3
  • 27 notes
Christopher C.,AutoDir
Christopher C.
Good local knowledge of various tires for the road. Fast and courteous.
Debbie A.,AutoDir
Debbie A.
I have always had nothing but excellent service when I have had to get my tires done or changed. I am treated with respect and understanding! Owner always matches me up with the best tires as she knows what I do. Love you guys. And thank you for your great customer service. I wil...
Martin W.,AutoDir
Martin W.
Was on vacation and got a nail in my tire. Staff at Kal tire got it all fixed up quickly and professionally so we could get back home safe and sound.

Northern Freedom Homes & Recreation / Storage

  • Kirkland Lake, ON
Northern Freedom Storage offers 24 hour easy access storage, located at 20 Archer Drive, in Kirkland Lake, ON.

  • 4.2
  • 22 notes
Aaron A.,AutoDir
Aaron A.
Friendly service!
Debbie E.,AutoDir
Debbie E.
Amazing - Service and Customer Care - Our Float Boat was returned Spotless and the Staff - Unbelievably Courteous- We have been clients for years - and Always So Impressed - Year after Year
Kristie T.,AutoDir
Kristie T.
Short Step. I apologize but we never heard anything about this skidoo please connect with us so we can try to resolve any issues you may have had. Thank you

Boucher Performance

  • Kirkland Lake, ON

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  • 4.8
  • 20 notes
bm w.,AutoDir
bm w.
Outstanding service. Only place my sled is going for service and repairs
Eugene H.,AutoDir
Eugene H.
These guys do excellent work they get parts at the best price possible and guarantee their work and a good crew to know if you're into racing etc....
Jeff M.,AutoDir
Jeff M.
Good service, honest pricing. Good work.
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