Mr. Lube + Tires

  • North Vancouver, BC
Mr. Lube + Tires at 1790 Marine Drive provides fast, high-quality auto maintenance and repair, no appointment necessary. Call or drive in today.

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A F.,AutoDir
A F.
Alan provided excellent service and walked me threw everything they were doing. I rolled in a couple minutes before they closed and stayed open to do my oil change. Yodeling is part of the game but I said no thanks and it was nicely accepted.
Faisal M.,AutoDir
Faisal M.
As always I have found their work on my car timely, well done and at a reasonable cost. I won't go anywhere else. Chala assisted me today. Very ethical and reliable mechanic. His charisma and positive energy definitely made the experience more enjoyable. Cool staff all around! ...
mike h.,AutoDir
mike h.
Excellent service and polite staff. Had my car oil changed else where and it was overfilled. They adjusted my oil to proper level and did not charge me. Will be returning for my oil changes in the future as this was my first time using Mr Lube

Express Care

  • North Vancouver, BC
Need an oil change in North Vancouver? Visit Express Care Oil Change for all of your oil change and servicing needs. Call 604-980-9115 today.

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D H.,AutoDir
D H.
Seems a bit pricey, but I really appreciated that they did not try to upsell or scam me - unlike Mr. Lube on Marine Drive. Honesty is sadly a bit hard to find - keep it up!
Layne T.,AutoDir
Layne T.
Well-run, efficient operation combined with friendly, transparent service. The team working there is really positive and focused. I'll definitely return. It was a pleasure.
Robyn J.,AutoDir
Robyn J.
So friendly! Very fast service and they gave us very clear advice and didn’t give us any big sale pitches. I also loved to see so many women working here!


  • West Vancouver, BC
Midas is one of the world's largest providers of auto repair services, including brakes, oil change, tires, maintenance, steering, and exhaust services. Visit your West Vancouver Midas for additional services.

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Valvoline Express Care

  • North Vancouver, BC
Stay in your car for a fast drive-thru oil change, featuring quality Valvoline products you can trust!

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Mr. Lube + Tires

  • Vancouver, BC
Mr. Lube + Tires at 1790 Main Street is your source for quick, high-quality auto maintenance and repair. Same-day service, no appointment required. Call or visit today.

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Babylove B.,AutoDir
Babylove B.
A very ethical and reliable shop 👍 Peter has done so many automotive works for my family members as well as myself and it has always been a experience. I've been a loyal.customer of Mr. Lube for so many years now because of Peter. He always does his works professionally,.sha...
Farriemah R.,AutoDir
Farriemah R.
Peter is very professional and dedicated with his work. I trust his advise to my car. Excellent job Mr Lube Main! More power! Keep your good technicians like Peter.
Julius N.,AutoDir
Julius N.
I had a pleasant experience with Mr Lube. Thanks to Peter who has demonstrated his industry knowledge and skills that i was able to have a fast and easy experience with the company. The pricing, information and process we’re all very precise, transparent and clear. I have zero ...

Mr. Lube + Tires

  • Vancouver, BC
Choose Mr. Lube + Tires at 2850 Arbutus Street for fast, effective auto maintenance done right. Enjoy same-day service, no appointment needed. Call now or visit today.

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Danna s.,AutoDir
Danna s.
I came in for an oil change and had a very pleasant visit! The customer service I received from Art, Chan and Mike was amazing! They were all very kind and accommodating, offered me coffee and they made sure I knew exactly what was happening at all times. I received my oil change...
Jackie L.,AutoDir
Jackie L.
Rob the Manager at Mr Lube on Arbutus was so wonderful and helped me immensely today. I highly recommend him and this location for auto services. Rob helped with an issue with my coolant fluid and explained patiently everything I needed to know in a very professional manner. Rob ...
Joy L.,AutoDir
Joy L.
I had an issue with my tire indicator light going on.... Art greeted me right away and provided me a solution! Since their tire technician normally comes in at 1030am but there were other cars ahead of me already....he said that he will check all my tire pressure first and then d...

Mr. Lube + Tires

  • Vancouver, BC
Choose Mr. Lube + Tires at 1291 East Hastings for fast, effective auto maintenance done right. Enjoy same-day service, no appointment needed. Call now or visit today.

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Betty P.,AutoDir
Betty P.
Called in and asked for oil change on the same day. They let me in with a really warm welcome despite the fact that I came in one hour before closing time. Nav and Preet were talking really good care of my car from the beginning to the end. Very attentive service!! Strongly recom...
Courtney L.,AutoDir
Courtney L.
Great and quick service! Super easy to pop in and get my oil changed on a break from work. I feel good for what I paid for and their recommendations! Gurpreet was lovely and very kind and helpful. Thanks so much. ☺️
Lauren C.,AutoDir
Lauren C.
Went to this Mr. Lube (East Hastings) for the first time to get an oil change. Sings was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. He made recommendations based on the history of my car. He was NOT pushy in terms of selling, yet gave me the Information for the required mai...
Brian M.,AutoDir
Brian M.
Shop closes at 5:30. I showed up at 5:20 and they took me right in, happy to serve. Changed the oil and some tail lights and found a slow leak that they could not fix. The technician gave me the number of someone who could.. A very pleasant experience indeed. I will be back and...
tam t.,AutoDir
tam t.
Got my oil changed one time, spark plugs went got them and the wires & casing done - quick and easy - not to expensive. The head mechanic @ this shop is the best guy. Each time I’ve walked in and got my car fixed up within 2 hours.
Valerie B.,AutoDir
Valerie B.
Great fast service from the fellows at Jiffy Lube. No overselling, pleasant people. Found the oil pan plug was stripped, showed it to me and asked if I wanted to keep it, replaced it with a longer one. Warned the thread was holding by two strands.... wrote on receipt oil pan sh...
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