Atlas Auto

  • Selkirk, MB

Phone: +1 204-482-6128
  • 3.6
  • 8 notes
Donald P.,AutoDir
Donald P.
Excellent service! Highly recommend!
William B.,AutoDir
William B.
Had all the answers to my questions and offered great prices to what I needed.

J & L Truck Recycling Ltd

  • Saint Andrews, MB

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  • 4
  • 23 notes
Coty G.,AutoDir
Coty G.
Great company! Professionalism at its finest from management to staff. Very nice people
Harry T.,AutoDir
Harry T.
Nice customer service, lot of wrecker trucks for thr parts.
Max V.,AutoDir
Max V.
The staff are friendly and really know their stuff. The have gone over and above to help me out with insite after i had asked if they have any nogood transmission and or motors to help me learn more about deasel mechanics.

Backyard Auto & Truck Parts

  • Oakbank, MB
Get the premium .com domain you deserve. Seamless and professional transactions. Payment plans available.

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  • 4
  • 34 notes
Paul M.,AutoDir
Paul M.
Very reasonable prices
Rob P.,AutoDir
Rob P.
The best place to get parts for your vehicles
Travis S.,AutoDir
Travis S.
Very good place been hear it’s the best junkyard to go to

Mountain View Auto & Truck Parts

  • Springfield, MB
Mountain View Auto & Truck Parts serving the area with quality used parts.

  • 4.6
  • 39 notes
Bill C.,AutoDir
Bill C.
Great product and service
Sara S.,AutoDir
Sara S.
You can always expect great customer service and hard to beat prices. The owners consistently go above and beyond to ensure customers find what they’re looking for. I would highly recommend!
Shawn B.,AutoDir
Shawn B.
Top notch crew there. Great prices.

Royal Auto Recycling

  • Springfield, MB
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  • 4.4
  • 26 notes
Chuck C.,AutoDir
Chuck C.
Got me a part for my Matrix, when I took it off the counter I dropped it and it cracked. They gave me another one no problem, when I would have paid more money for my mistake. Thanks so much!
Paul t.,AutoDir
Paul t.
Very helpful, thank all of those in charge.
Excellent service, quality parts. Repeat customer

Crosstown Auto Parts

  • Winnipeg, MB

Phone: +1 204-222-0999
  • 3
  • 13 notes
Marie R.,AutoDir
Marie R.
I blew my engine and needed one asap. These great guys found me an engine and I had prepaid and was to come pick it up a few days later. I got a call from the owner and he told me they were not satisfied with the engine they had pulled out from another vehicle as it was making s...
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