Lave-Auto Express.Net

  • Montréal-Est, QC

Phone: +1 514-623-3766
  • 4.5
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andretta s.,AutoDir
andretta s.
Good washing machine.. Only Bring your towels!!
Ed K.,AutoDir
Ed K.
Love the $4 six minutes option. It gets me going. I burn tons of calories in 6 minutes that the entire day. Rinse, soap, rinse and bam.
Really good place to clean your truck or car .

Lave Auto Express-Eau

  • Saint-Léonard, QC
Lave Auto Express-Eau représente un développement révolutionnaire dans le soin de véhicule : une nouvelle technique de lavage complètement différente.

  • 4
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Great service and would recommend the monthly subscription. It’s well worth it. I only wish closures due to weather or mechanical issues were communicated via their website. I drive 15 kms + to wash my car and cross my fingers that they are not closed when I arrive. So,...
wahdoudou D.,AutoDir
wahdoudou D.
Impressive washing machines and such a pleasure to have its car washed so fastly. However Hope monthly subscription fees will be reduced someday

Coin Wash Saint Michel

  • Montréal, QC

  • 4
  • 53 notes
GaB S.,AutoDir
GaB S.
This place is great to DIY.. Sometimes I've seen ppl going nuts since sometimes ppl they don't respect and take someone else's turn..
Hans V.,AutoDir
Hans V.
Easy to wash the car and fast, water is warm in winter
Imran A.,AutoDir
Imran A.
A good self car wash, quick and affordable. Prices start at $3, you can use the soap brush and pressure wash your car. There are also hooks to hang and wash your mats.

Lave Auto Express

  • Montréal, QC
Lave Auto Express-Eau représente un développement révolutionnaire dans le soin de véhicule : une nouvelle technique de lavage complètement différente.

  • 3.8
  • 59 notes
Adel A.,AutoDir
Adel A.
Very good service and price
Joannie C.,AutoDir
Joannie C.
You have the level of cleanliness you pay for (: Service is fast.
Mr S.,AutoDir
Mr S.
Excellent hand car wash. They always do a great job.

Eco Water Car Wash

  • Montréal, QC

Phone: +1 514-527-7770
  • 3
  • 63 notes
Chris W.,AutoDir
Chris W.
Great service! Friendly staff. Just a little tricky to drive into.
Martin D.,AutoDir
Martin D.
Excellent price and they did a great job. I called for a price and asked if they could take my car right away and they said yes. It was fast , inexpensive with a good job. I recommend if you want a quick car wash. Good job guys!!!!
Zheng Z.,AutoDir
Zheng Z.
Very good service while the price is low - best choice for plateau region. The owner was changed and stuff works much better.

Lave-Auto Charland

  • Montréal, QC
Lave-Auto Charland in 1875 Avenue Charland, Montréal, QC H1Z 1A1, Canada

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Gilles D.,AutoDir
Gilles D.
Great car wash ,very cheap, $ 2.00 a wash & only $1.00 for vacuum, very clean but very busy...I would rate it a 4.5..
Leonardo G.,AutoDir
Leonardo G.
Love to go wash my van
Mauro C.,AutoDir
Mauro C.
A good place for a quick wash and I mean quick. You need to rush through the whole process but for quick wash it's good, it also has a vacuum so you can kill 2 birds with one stop.

Lave-Auto Rive Sud

  • Longueuil, QC
lave-auto, rive-sud, libre service, Longueuil, boul Taschereau, savon, cire

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  • 124 notes
Literally the ONLY self car wash in the greater Montreal area. And reasonable prices too!
PIX X.,AutoDir
If you are in montreal and need a wash... head over the Jacques Cartier to tachereau.. and wash it here.. great facility clean and cost effective.. way better than the 10$ wash you get at the gas stations. Spend 10$ here and get 15mins to do it right!
Saeed M.,AutoDir
Saeed M.
I really like the idea! You can choose how long you need water or soap, the minimum is 3$ for 5 minuets which is enough most of the time. So you can wash your car by 6 or 9$ only. The only problem is drying. Make sure you have some drying towels. There is a change machine to get ...

Petro-Canada Car Wash

  • Montréal, QC
Petro-Canada locations across Canada offer fuel, including gas and diesel; stores with food and drinks; soft touch and touchless car washes; and our Petro-Points program. Find a gas station or Petro-Canada car wash locations near you.

  • 4.1
  • 57 notes
James R.,AutoDir
James R.
Fast and inexpensive. You won't get hand wash quality results but it's great for rinsing the road salt/mud off in a hurry.
Sam M.,AutoDir
Sam M.
Great car wash
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