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What are Topfuel Toys Canada 's services in Edmonton ?

TTC MOTORSPORTS Ltd. sells and services ATV, Dirt Bikes, Mini Motorcycle, Dune Buggies & Parts in Edmonton, Canada. Visit Us Online:

What do you think about Topfuel Toys Canada (Edmonton) ?

Brian G.,AutoDir
  • by Brian G.
  • |
  • 6th October, 2018

Will you recommend Topfuel Toys Canada a ATV in Edmonton ?

Excellent staff, very helpful. But i don't recommend those cheap Chinese products. They are not worth the money. Always breaking. But if are unlucky to own one like me this place has the parts you need.

Jeremy C.,AutoDir
  • by Jeremy C.
  • |
  • 13th June, 2020

What do you think about Topfuel Toys Canada a ATV services provided in Edmonton ?

Great experience, fantastic customer service and products!

Michael M.,AutoDir
  • by Michael M.
  • |
  • 20th August, 2020

Did you like your visit with Topfuel Toys Canada a ATV in Edmonton ?

I was looking for a E-bike when I found exactly what i was looking for here. The owners John and Irene were so friendly and helpful that I seemed like I had known them for years ( say hi to Nova and Lex for me). John actually reviewed many other bikes that were on the market and then told me about his bike. He gave me time to look it over and decide. How could I pass on the price and quality that they offered? I didn't. When I went back to pick up the checked over bike, Irene gave my kids a loonie to buy candy from their machine, what a great person!! Honest caring and willing to listen, you don't find that too often anymore. not even a slightly pushy sales moment! I really hope my kids turn out to be as real and down to earth as these two are. Thanks again.

Roxanne K.,AutoDir
  • by Roxanne K.
  • |
  • 17th June, 2019

How did Topfuel Toys Canada this ATV served you in Edmonton ?

Didn't have the part i needed but Sent me in the Right direction. Was super friendly to boot

SRT M.,AutoDir
  • by SRT M.
  • |
  • 10th December, 2019

What could you say about ATV services provided in Edmonton by Topfuel Toys Canada ?

Irene and Jon aer great!!! Always going above and beyond to make sure we get the right parts!!!!

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