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What are Revolution Motors 's services in Edmonton ?

Revolution Motors offers high quality auto repair in Edmonton, with a focus on diesel. For our expertise and the best service, call Revolution Motors today!

What do you think about Revolution Motors (Edmonton) ?

Elisabeth W.,AutoDir
  • by Elisabeth W.
  • |
  • 10th August, 2020

Will you recommend Revolution Motors a Car Inspection in Edmonton ?

I recently had my Nissan serviced with Revolution Motors. I really appreciated the Service Advisor and the amount of information I received during the maintenance process. The invoice was descriptive with the upcoming work that would be needed and they helped me set up a plan for what work was the most critical so that I could budget accordingly, that was great!! Overall I found their prices very fair and would recommend this shop for sure.

Tara T.,AutoDir
  • by Tara T.
  • |
  • 18th July, 2020

What do you think about Revolution Motors a Car Inspection services provided in Edmonton ?

Joel and his team were amazing!! I brought my 2013 Mini Van in to have the tires changed over or so I thought LOL. They did so much MORE!! They did a full inspection and gave me a full assessment of the state of my vehicle. And YES it needed some work, but what I truly valued is Joels professional advice on how to get this work done within my budget. His understanding and respect of my finances and the future longevity of my vehicle was quite remarkable and (based on my past experiences with mechanics) UNIQUE. I will definitely recommend Revolution Motors.

  • by xxvictoryxxxx
  • |
  • 9th September, 2020

Did you like your visit with Revolution Motors a Car Inspection in Edmonton ?

I have takin 2 of my cars here and Love the staff at and how professional they are at Revolution motors. They keep your vehicles clean in and out they are very reasonable and fair with there prices. The mechanics know there stuff and get your problems done right and in a reasonable amount of time the first time. 5 stars for sure

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