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What are Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair 's services in Edmonton ?

For reliable full-service truck and trailer repair in Edmonton, call Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair Inc. today at 780-468-1069!

What do you think about Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair (Edmonton) ?

Derek L.,AutoDir
  • by Derek L.
  • |
  • 25th March, 2021

Will you recommend Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair a Truck Repair in Edmonton ?

I brought my truck there for and issue which nobody can find! Everyone thought it was my differential because there was a grinding noise coming from the drive line somewhere. It was as small as a air regulator for my transmission and is now running better than ever. Thank u guys so much. It's been an issue for so long and u found the problem within a few hours

Gavin D.,AutoDir
  • by Gavin D.
  • |
  • 30th March, 2021

What do you think about Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair a Truck Repair services provided in Edmonton ?

These dudes are top notch, care and quality all the way. They're pros at getting things figured out, and fixed for the best price, and doing it right so you don't end up right back where you started. You can trust you'll be taken care of, and they stand by their word which is rare nowadays. Minor to major they can handle it all. Highly recommended.

Jesse L.,AutoDir
  • by Jesse L.
  • |
  • 16th October, 2019

Did you like your visit with Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair a Truck Repair in Edmonton ?

Great shop to deal with!! Wade and his team are very knowledgable when it comes to repairing trucks and trailer I have been using him for years and have had no issues at all with anything they have done work on!! Wish there were more shops like this that ended up being fair and honest with the work they do.

Jim P.,AutoDir
  • by Jim P.
  • |
  • 30th March, 2021

How did Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair this Truck Repair served you in Edmonton ?

Any time I’m in the Edmonton area and have a problem with my Truck this is the only place I go. I have dealt with Wade and his Team for a few years now, this is one shop that has never let me down. From welcoming staff when you walk through the door to talking with Andy the shop foreman is nothing less then professional. What stands out most is you can always count on them to repair the problem the right way the first time. Keep up the good work guys and thanks for all you do!

Jim S.,AutoDir
  • by Jim S.
  • |
  • 30th March, 2021

What could you say about Truck Repair services provided in Edmonton by Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair ?

I hauled logs for 25 yrs , major overhaul looked after my equipment for 22 yrs , I can't say enough on how I was looked after , great shop , good people !

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