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What are Autobody-Collision Brokers 's services in Edmonton ?

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What do you think about Autobody-Collision Brokers (Edmonton) ?

Andrea E.,AutoDir
  • by Andrea E.
  • |
  • 12th November, 2019

Will you recommend Autobody-Collision Brokers a Auto Broker in Edmonton ?

I had a great experience. As a new mom with a 3 month old, I found it hard to coordinate getting quotes for the rust repair on my car and coordinate delivery and pick up of the car to the autobody shop. I contacted Autobody-Collision Brokers and they coordinated everything - quotes, drove the car to the shop, & verified quality of the repair. Best of all, no extra cost to me, just benefits. This is a great business model. I am happy with the rust repair and service I received. I would recommend.

Dan M.,AutoDir
  • by Dan M.
  • |
  • 10th January, 2021

What do you think about Autobody-Collision Brokers a Auto Broker services provided in Edmonton ?

Called Sean, on a Saturday and was instructed to take photos and email to them which they then the photos to get quotes. On Sunday, John came by to confirm damage for repair, pick it up car to take to auto body shop. Car was dropped off again at my home in 2.5 hours. Exceptional service, transparent pricing and I will definitely use them again.

  • by DG
  • |
  • 22nd April, 2020

Did you like your visit with Autobody-Collision Brokers a Auto Broker in Edmonton ?

Few days back I met with the an accident where my car's bumper & few other parts were completely broken.. I found autobody collision brokers on Google search where I talked to guy called Sean...he explained me everything about my car repairs need to be done,and gave detailed estimate for the same.I was getting updates about repairs on regular basis from him.they did my car very well in given times.I m totally happy with work they did. Sean was very helpful throughout this entire process.I highly recommend this place.

Tony A.,AutoDir
  • by Tony A.
  • |
  • 14th September, 2019

How did Autobody-Collision Brokers this Auto Broker served you in Edmonton ?

I could not be happier with the service I have received from Sean, the owner of Autobody-Brokers! His advice saved me costs in excess of $1000 plus time waiting for the repair to be done because the parts were 2 weeks away.Mine was a complicated case involving a badly damaged car and mass confusion from the insurance company. If I had followed the insurance instructions I would have ended up with large out-of-pocket costs, some of it payable to Autobody-brokers shop venders. In fact, there were many opportunities for Sean M to pad his pockets. He did not do that and helped me resolve the case in a way that did not cost me any extra costs & save days of car rental plus saved me days of my own time, Autobody-Brokers made the repair very convenient by pick up and drop off of my vehicle so I did not have to leave what I had planned for those days. Throughout the complicated process lasting almost 2 weeks, Sean kept me informed of what was happening,while it was happening, and what I should do to avoid out-of-pocket charges. At some stage (on a Friday evening) the insurance told me that I would have to remove the car from the shop immediately as otherwise I would have to pay for the storage fees (more than $1000 at the time) out of pocket. Panicking I went to Sean on Saturday morning, ready to pay for the storage fees up to that date and to have my car towed to a longer-term storage facility. Sean advised me against this, explaining how the insurance adjuster had messed up, as well as his plan to resolve the situation without causing me any out-of-pocket costs. To put me at ease, he signed a paper (that I drafted!) promising that the storage would *not* cause me any out-of-pocket costs. The following Monday the case was resolved exactly as Sean (Autobody-Brokers)had promised. The same guy from the insurance who had told me I was responsible for the storage costs on Friday called me back on Monday morning to tell me to leave the car at Autobody-Brokers shop vender, without any costs to me. Even more importantly for this review, I know for a fact (I have seen the paperwork) that Autobody-Brokers Shop vender solution required them to give the insurance company a significant discount for the storage fees. The fact that Sean (Autobody-Brokers) voluntarily gave a discount to avoid me any out-of-pocket costs shows what an outstanding guy he is and explains the consistently awesome online reviews of Autobody-Brokers.Autobody-Brokers made a huge mess in to a simple solution and it was so Convenient, not once did I have to change any plans or run around. Thank God! Thanks soooooo much!

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