Hughes Car Wash

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What are Hughes Car Wash 's services in Edmonton ?

Car wash locations in Edmonton, St. Albert, Spruce Grove and Leduc. Over 20 Hughes car washes are nearby, open late, and on weekends.

What do you think about Hughes Car Wash (Edmonton) ?

Blake F.,AutoDir
  • by Blake F.
  • |
  • 21st August, 2020

Will you recommend Hughes Car Wash a Car Wash in Edmonton ?

Definitely one of my favorite locations in Edmonton, best service and good prices! And guess what else they have ?! SNICKERS ICE-CREAM BARS ..crazyyyy one of the best ICE-CREAM ever! Definitely recommend to everyone to stop by here))

Matthew L.,AutoDir
  • by Matthew L.
  • |
  • 29th January, 2021

What do you think about Hughes Car Wash a Car Wash services provided in Edmonton ?

Great car wash, easy to use, only down side is some people with loud cars floor it out so el the end stalls are a bit hectic at times

Stan S.,AutoDir
  • by Stan S.
  • |
  • 19th March, 2020

Did you like your visit with Hughes Car Wash a Car Wash in Edmonton ?

I adore this place. It's nice to be able to wash my car in peace late at night. Never have to wait for a car bay if I go late. Only costs me about 12 bucks if I'm washing and waxing my car which isn't bad at all. The 24/7 store makes it really convenient to grab a car freshener or wipes or whatever I need in the moment. I look forward to my monthly car washes at this location. I've also noticed they have had the same two late night employees for a really long time and that familiarity is amazing to have.

  • by Tash
  • |
  • 19th October, 2020

How did Hughes Car Wash this Car Wash served you in Edmonton ?

Agree with the low pressure comments. After soap and a rinse there really was no change. I would go here for a quick vacuum or light rinse but not a heavy duty wash.

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