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What are Revolution Auto And Truck 's services in Edmonton ?

What do you think about Revolution Auto And Truck (Edmonton) ?

Brian B.,AutoDir
  • by Brian B.
  • |
  • 27th October, 2015

Will you recommend Revolution Auto And Truck a Truck Dealer in Edmonton ?

I needed to take my Suzuki SX4 in for a routine maintenance and possible rear brake service. The service shop did a thorough inspection and let me know what needed to be fixed, replaced or considered for replacement. Their shuttle service was flexible and courteous. I will be returning for future service anniversaries. They even cleaned my engine compartment! Did not expect that but I'm very pleased with how they handled my car. If you have a Suzuki vehicle and don't know where to go in Edmonton Area. This is the place.

Deirdre C.,AutoDir
  • by Deirdre C.
  • |
  • 29th July, 2016

What do you think about Revolution Auto And Truck a Truck Dealer services provided in Edmonton ?

Service Manager Lana Jeffry & her service team are Stellar! Unreservedly, without hesitation, we recommend this service department. Our relationship with this dealership began when it was operating as Millwoods Suzuki (is operating now under a different name). As happy owners of 2 Suzuki SX4 Hatchbacks, we were naturally concerned when we heard that Suzuki was closing its operations in Canada. Those concerns have proved unfounded: parts have been readily available and this dealership continuous to offer high quality service for Suzuki vehicles and other vehicles. The Service Manager, Lana Jeffry, is outstanding. She understands every nuance of providing stellar customer service and she continually surprises and impresses us with the depth and breadth of her knowledge of all aspects of the automotive industry. If a question arises that Lana does not immediately know the answer to, she researches and find answers. She recommends resources and solutions that have saved us money and time. When something falls outside the scope of her dealership's purview, she refers us to other industry professionals who have the same high standards. Lana is enthusiastic, confident, and she is remarkably calm under pressure. She remains cheerful and patient even when clients are impatient, abrupt or difficult. She listens carefully, answers questions with clear explanations. She offers options. She advises wisely and in our experience, her integrity and the integrity of her service department are impeccable: Estimates are accurate; work is done properly and on time. When warranty work was required, it was done without hesitation, in timely way, as were any follow-ups required for minor adjustments. Whenever we have required it, shuttle service has been arranged. Lana's commitment to customer satisfaction is obviously predicated on establishing and maintaining relationships that sustain continuity of service, and promote repeat business for her dealership. As an example, when family circumstances required me to relocate to the East, I contacted Lana several times over the phone and by email for advice on matters as diverse as identifying what a specific code meant when warning light flashed on my dash, advice on when to replace brake pads, rotors and calipers, where to locate a dealer that offers the line of BG products her dealership offers, confirming the timing for replacing spark plugs, troubleshooting the malfunction of my remote start (she referred me to Mike at Certified Radio who also provided support at a distance), and most impressively, when I inadvertently activated the anti-theft function on my vehicle (a feature I did not even know existed, had no idea how it had been activated or what to do about it ). I was in downtown Montreal, my vehicle would not move, and I was in a panic. I contacted Lana who immediately diagnosed the problem and guided me through the steps that solved the problem. She did this cheerfully, at a distance, over the phone. Whenever we have required support for something, Lana and her team have been there. We recommend this service department team - Lana Jeffry, Service Manager, Dilbagh, Working Shop Foreman, Elmie, Parts Manager, Brian Parts Technician, Rabir, John, Mark and Munir, Service Technicians, and Roberto, Professional Detailer - to anyone who values outstanding customer service, fair pricing, high quality work, done with honesty and integrity. D Crandall J White Calf

Joel T.,AutoDir
  • by Joel T.
  • |
  • 9th April, 2017

Did you like your visit with Revolution Auto And Truck a Truck Dealer in Edmonton ?

Never had a problem with them. Lana the service manager is great! Friendly and always quote a bit high but end up charging lower. Really feels like their trying to save you money as well and keep your business.

kelly m.,AutoDir
  • by kelly m.
  • |
  • 13th August, 2017

How did Revolution Auto And Truck this Truck Dealer served you in Edmonton ?

fast and friendly service. No messing around. Good value.

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